Denver’s Best Neighborhoods: Condos For Sale

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Condos are for sale in virtually every neighborhood in Denver, from downtown Denver to Cherry Creek North, LoDo to Highlands, Cheesman Park to Washington Park, and dozens of beautiful neighborhoods in between.

Below, you’ll find a list of Denver’s most popular neighborhoods, most of which have many types of condos and lofts available for sale.

Downtown Denver Condos And Lofts
Downtown Denver has a number of iconic high-rise condo buildings (such as Brooks Towers, Barclay Towers, Windsor Condos, Larimer Place) with studio condos, one-bedroom condos, two-bedroom condos, and larger condo units.  There are also new condos available in the Four Seasons, Spire, and One Lincoln Place – all of which are high-rise condo buildings. Or, you can go the other route, and buy a condo in a historic building in downtown Denver, such as Neusteters Condos or the Denver Dry Lofts – both of which were once beloved department stores. For the “cool” factor, it doesn’t get any better than the Museum Residences, which shares a plaza with the Denver Art Museum.

LoDo Condos and Lofts
The LoDo area derives its name from “lower downtown,” and is typically considered the area west and north of the core downtown Denver district. Coors Field (home to the Rockies, Colorado’s major league baseball team) is in the heart of LoDo. LoDo happens to be the first area in Denver to become saturated with lofts – most of which are conversions of unique, old warehouse buildings. One of the most famous loft projects in LoDo is the Ice House lofts, right next to Union Station. Other historic buildings that have been converted to LoDo lofts or LoDo condos include: Acme Lofts (near Auraria Campus) and Flour Mill Lofts (near the Platte River).

Uptown Condos
The Uptown neighborhood is located east of downtown and includes streets a few blocks to the north and south of 17th Avenue, which is a bustling street, full of restaurants, bars, nightclubs, shops, a high-end grocery store, a theatre, and much more! In the Uptown neighborhood in Denver, there are highrise condos, historic condos, historic lofts, and dozens of smaller condo projects. Built in 1901, the Perrenoud condos on 17th represent the craftsmanship of yesteryear that will never be repeated, and the Grant Park condos on 19th showcase the floorplans and amenities that builders and buyers favor today.

Capitol Hill Condos
The Capitol Hill neighborhood extends a little east of downtown Denver and is roughly considered the area between Broadway and Josephine Street, 6th Avenue to Colfax Avenue. Thanks to an abundance of millionaires who made their fortunes in the mineral booms of the late 1800s, Capitol Hill has the most mansions of any Denver neighborhood, with many converted into condo buildings. There are also a number of highrise condo buildings in Capitol Hill.

Cheesman Park Condos
The Cheesman Park neighborhood takes its name from the famed 81-acre park in the area. In addition to dozens of stately mansions that were converted into condos during Denver’s various real estate booms, there are also a number of highrise condo buildings on Cheesman Park or within a block or two of the park. The Waldman condo building stands as an example of a historic condo project, and Park Place condos represents the best of more modern, highrise, luxury living.

Highlands Condos and Lofts
The Highlands neighborhood, which starts just west of downtown Denver is, perhaps, Denver’s most popular place to buy condos and lofts. Getting from Highlands to downtown Denver is a breeze, because the edge of it is just across the railroad tracks and Platte River. There are three distinct areas that make up the Highlands neighborhood: LoHi (which is closest to downtown), Highlands Square (which is at 32nd and Lowell), and the Tennyson Cultural District (which is at 38th and Tennyson).

Cherry Creek Condos
Buy a condo or townhome in Cherry Creek North, and you’ll have one of the most exclusive addresses in Denver! The Cherry Creek neighborhood extends from University Boulevard to Colorado Boulevard, from Cherry Creek Drive South to 6th Avenue, and it includes Cherry Creek Mall, as well as the restaurants, stores, boutiques, spas, and salons that make up the Cherry Creek North business district. Townhomes are more abundant than condos in this upscale neighborhood, with most selling for upwards of $1 million. A few of the large condo developments in or near Cherry Creek include: Greenhouse Residences condos, Bromley Commons condos, Bentley condos, and the new, luxury 250 Columbine condos.

Washington Park Condos
The Washington Park neighborhood, which is near I-25 and Downing, has been one of the hottest neighborhoods in Denver for decades. So popular in fact, that the neighborhood seems to expand by the year, as real estate agents try to label their properties as being in Washington Park. Strictly speaking, what’s traditionally been known as the Washington Park neighborhood extends from Downing to University Boulevard, Alameda to Florida. The 161-acre Washington Park is the centerpiece of this neighborhood that has very few condo developments in it. The most notable exception is the Park Lane condos (four highrise towers that are across the street from Washington Park) and the Park Lafayette condos, (another highrise development near the park).

City Park Condos
The City Park neighborhood is just east of downtown Denver and is largely considered the area between Colfax Avenue and 26th Avenue, York Street to Colorado Boulevard. City Park itself, the biggest park in Denver at 330 acres, takes up a big chunk of this largely residential area. With the exception of the Pinnacle condos, which is a newer condo project consisting of two highrise towers, there are few condos for sale in City Park. Some of the older 2- and 3-story apartment buildings were converted to condos during Denver’s boom times, but for the most part, the area is made up of single family homes.

Broadway Condos
Broadway is one of the main streets into and out of downtown Denver, extending for miles to the northern and southern suburbs. Close to downtown, the Beauvallon condos are twin towers that are on 9th and Lincoln Street (one block west of Broadway), and further to the south is a condo project designed by architect Curtis Fentress, the Watermark condos, at 4th and Broadway.

Colorado Boulevard Condos
Colorado Boulevard is one of the busiest streets in Denver, extending for miles from north Denver to south Denver, with a number of condo developments on or near the street. The Greenhouse Residences condos are on Colorado Boulevard, near where it cuts past Cherry Creek North, and there are also a number of affordable highrise condo buildings near Colorado and I-25.

Some of Denver’s other neighborhoods that include condos and/or lofts include: Congress Park, Park Hill, Ballpark, Five Points, Golden Triangle, Stapleton, Lowry, East Colfax, Southeast Denver and the Denver Tech Center (DTC).