Highrise Condos For Sale In Denver, Colorado

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The majority of the highrise condos for sale in the Denver metro area are located in downtown Denver and Capitol Hill (around Cheesman Park and Governor’s Park), and there’s a sprinkling of high-rises in the Cherry Creek area and Washington Park area as well.

What’s the main benefit of buying a condo in a highrise in Denver? The views, of course! The Denver metro area, as a whole, is flat, which means that depending on where your highrise condo is located, you will have majestic views that extend for miles, perhaps even hundreds of miles.

The most desirable views from Denver highrise condos are of the mountains to the west, a vista which can include over 100 miles of Rocky Mountains, from Pikes Peak to Longs Peak. The city lights of Denver – whether viewed from a highrise condo miles away or from a unit in the middle of the canyon of skyscrapers – is also a very appealing view. And if you’re super lucky, you’ll find a condo for sale in a highrise that’s on City Park, Cheesman Park, or Washington Park.

The oldest highrise condo buildings in Denver date back to the 1960s, and the newest highrise condos were built over the past five years.

Things to consider when you’re looking for a highrise condo for sale in Denver include:
•what floor is the condo on (location, location, location)
•what type of views does the condo have (mountain views, city views, park views)
•will the views that you enjoy today from the condo be there forever (or could a future building partially or completely obstruct the views)
•what are the monthly HOA fees and what do they include
•is there a doorman and/or a front desk (and is it staffed 24/7)
•what amenities are in the building (pool, fitness center, party room, etc.)
•how many parking spaces are included with the condo unit and can you purchase or lease extra parking spaces

If you’d like to experience the feeling of living up in the sky, consider these highrise condos in Denver:

Downtown Denver Highrise Condos
Barclay Towers condos in Denver, 32 story building, built in 1981
Brooks Towers condos in Denver, 42 story building, built in 1967
Four Seasons condos in Denver, 45 story building, built in 2008
Larimer Place condos in Denver, 31 story building, built in 1981
One Lincoln Park condos in Denver, 31 story building, built in 2006
Spire condos in Denver, 41 story building, built in 2009
Windsor condos in Denver, 23 story building, built in 1981

Broadway Highrise Condos
Beauvallon condos in Denver, 14 story buildings (2 buildings), built in 2001

Cheesman Park Highrise Condos
Park Tower condos in Denver, 20 story building, built in 1981
Summer House condos in Denver, 16 story building, built in 1975

City Park Highrise Condos
Pinnacle condos in Denver, 27 story buildings (2 buildings), built in 2006

Washington Park Highrise Condos
Park Lafayette condos in Denver, 12 story building, built in 1975
Park Lane condos in Denver, 20 story buildings (4 buildings), built in 1970

Cherry Creek Highrise Condos
Polo Club condos in Denver, a 20 story building, built in 1966