Buy A Second Home In Denver, Colorado

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Have you been thinking about buying a condo in Denver to use as your second home? Perhaps you live in the mountains and would like a place in the city, something close to the arts, symphony, and sports venues. Or maybe you travel frequently to the Denver area on business and would like to stay in your own place, rather than in a hotel.

Whatever your reasons for considering a second home purchase, below you will find a few things to consider when choosing which condo, loft, or townhome to purchase in Denver.

Lock And Leave Your Second Home
If you buy a second home in Denver, you will want to choose a residence that you can simply “lock and leave,” which most likely means you’ll want a condo or loft, maybe a townhome if all of the exterior upkeep and maintenance is included. Many of the larger Denver condo buildings have handyman services available. There’s going to be an extra fee for the services, but it saves you the trouble of finding and vetting all of your contractors.

Safety and Security At Your Second Home
When it comes to home buying, everyone wants safety and security, but with a second home, that extra level of protection becomes more important because you might only visit your condo or loft on weekends, or a few times a year. Some of the larger Denver condo buildings have front desks that are manned 24/7.

HOA Fees For Second Homes
HOA fees in Denver condos, lofts, and townhomes vary, depending on the size of the unit, the amenities in the building, inclusion of utilities, and the strength of the HOA. In the Denver condo market, HOAs range from $200 per month on the low end, into the thousands per month. Evaluating HOA fees is always part of the condo purchase process, but it becomes more relevant when you’ll only be using your unit on a limited basis. Do you want to pay $500-$600 per month for the heated pool, concierge, etc. that you’ll rarely use? Early on in the buying process, check out what the HOA fees will be for the unit you’re interested in buying.

Financing Your Second Home
Getting a mortgage for a second home in Denver can be trickier than getting financing for your primary residence, but lenders have a variety of options available. To qualify for a second home mortgage, you’ll need excellent credit and the ability to put at least 20% down. Shop around for a mortgage broker that has experience lending on second homes.

Rental Potential For A Second Home In Denver
How do you feel about your sharing your second home in Denver with strangers? If the thought of other people sleeping in your bed doesn’t bother you, you might consider renting your condo, loft, or townhome out on a nightly or weekly basis. The extra income you generate from rentals can help offset the cost of owning a second home, but you’ll have to check with your HOA regulations and/or zoning laws to make sure that short-term rentals (nightly, weekly, or monthly) are allowed.