Sell A Condo In Denver, Colorado

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Is it time to sell your condo or loft in Denver? If so, you might be in for a very pleasant surprise.  The prices of most Denver condos have risen over the past few years as hordes of buyers have competed for the few condos that have appeared on the resale market each week.

A hot market is the best possible news when you are a seller, but don’t get too cocky! You still need to do your homework to make sure that your condo or loft is appropriately priced if you are looking to sell in a reasonable amount of time (30 days to 90 days).

Below, we offer tips for getting top dollar for your condo or loft in Denver when you go to sell it.

Appropriately Price Your Condo Or Loft
When it comes to selling a condo or loft, pricing is the most important factor. Come in too low, and you risk losing out on thousands of dollars. Price your condo or loft too high, and it will sit on the market. The longer your unit sits on the market, the more it loses value, valuable dollars which you might never regain. To determine that sweet spot in pricing, study at least 6 comps – 3 of which have been sold in the past 3-6 months, and 3 of which are currently for sale. When you look at these comps, compare square footage, condition of the unit, building amenities, location, and other factors that might impact buyers’ decisions.

Clean, Declutter, And Depersonalize Your Condo Or Loft
Most potential buyers have little or no imagination, which is why builders and developers spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to create showhomes and model units in their developments. It would be lovely if you could hire an interior designer for your condo or loft and then fill the unit with designer furniture and furnishings, but short of that, cleaning, decluttering, and depersonalizing your unit will go a long way towards making it more appealing. The goal is to get buyers to want to live in your condo, and that’s hard to achieve when it’s dirty, piled with clutter, or saturated with personal photos and belongings.

Stage Your Condo Or Loft
If your condo or loft is empty, consider staging it, either personally or professionally. The amount of time and money that you’ll invest almost certainly will pay off in a higher offer from a buyer and/or a shorter amount of time between listing your property and selling it.

Fix The Easy Things In Your Condo Or Loft
To get top dollar for your condo or loft, you don’t need to do a complete renovation. Instead, take the time to fix the easy things that buyers and real estate agents notice. Take care of the closet door that’s fallen off its track, the kitchen faucet that drips, the mini blinds that are bent, the paint that needs a fresh coat. Fix or replace all of the things you can, and you’ll have a better chance of selling your condo or loft.

Use Great Photos Of Your Condo Or Loft
The vast majority of condo buyers today begin their searches online, and the number and quality of photos can significantly impact their decisions. In the olden days of real estate, it was all about “curb appeal” – what did a condo, loft, townhome, or house look like when potential buyers pulled up to the curb. In today’s digital era, the photos that you post online of your condo or loft are the new “curb” – fail this first important test, and you might not get many showings.

Even though real estate inventory is tight and buyers are competing against each other to get contracts to the table, you will still benefit from following the steps above to get the highest possible price for your condo or loft that’s for sale.