Studio Condos For Sale In Denver, Colorado

Looking to buy a studio condo in downtown Denver? Please call (303) 222-0027, or e-mail, and we’ll tell you which condos buildings have “tiny homes.”

Studio condos for sale in Denver are indeed a rarity. Most people living in or relocating to Denver are looking for a bedroom, at least one bedroom.

Even so, there is an appeal to studio condos for certain people, in certain situations. A studio condo in Denver may be the perfect fit for you if:
•you’re a first-time homebuyer
•you’re looking for an affordable condo in Denver
•you live alone
•you travel a lot
•you work and play a lot and don’t spend much time at home
•you don’t own a lot of stuff and don’t have a desire to accumulate possessions
•you believe in the “tiny home” way of living
•you visit Denver frequently for business and would prefer a condo over hotel stays
•you want to buy a studio condo as an investment property
•you want to buy a studio condo as a second home (a great option for people who live in the mountains but want a place in Denver)

Studio condos in Denver typically range from 400-500 square feet.

When you can find them, studio condos for sale in Denver will generally range in price from $100,000-$200,000.

If you’re looking at studio condos for sale in Denver and comparing them to each other, you can use some or all of the following criteria:
•what’s the monthly HOA fee for the condo association
•does the studio condo have a Murphy bed in it or can you add one (they’re not cheap – good Murphy beds can run $5,000-$10,000 installed)
•does the condo building have extra storage space that comes with the studio condo unit
•what’s the potential resale value (studio condos are rare for a reason – because they’re not very popular, and this could prove troublesome if the hot Denver real estate market cools down)
•is the studio condo close to public transportation (16th Street Mall shuttle, light rail, buses, and/or a Denver B-Cycle rack)

Below are condo buildings in Denver that may currently have studio condos for sale:
Brooks Towers condos, 1020 15th Street, downtown Denver, highrise building

If you’re interested in looking for a larger condo unit, consider one bedroom condos for sale in Denver and small two bedroom condos for sale in Denver.