3 Bedroom Condos For Sale In Denver, Colorado

Want to buy a 3-bedroom condo in or near downtown Denver? Please call (303) 222-0027, or e-mail info@downtowndenver.condos, and we’ll run a free report about buildings that have larger condos.

Just as the studio condo for sale in Denver is a very rare find, so, too, is the very elusive three bedroom condo. Most of Denver’s condo buildings simply don’t have three bedroom condos, and if they do, they are on the penthouse level (thus a significant price increase). Switch to a loft in Denver or a townhome in Denver, and you will open up the possibilities for finding the three bedroom home for you.

Strictly speaking for condos, however, 3 bedroom units tend to range in size from 1,300 square feet to 5,000 square feet and above, selling for an average of $400,000 to $1 million and beyond.

A three bedroom condo in Denver might be the perfect fit for you if:
•you prefer a condo over a house for safety and security reasons
•you’d rather buy a condo than a single family home because you want a maintenance free lifestyle (no snow shoveling, no yardwork, no exterior building repairs)
•you want the amenities that some of Denver’s most luxurious condo developments offer (fitness centers, pools, concierge services, 24/7 front desk)
•you’re downsizing for a more carefree lifestyle but still would like a generous amount of space
•you’re relocating to Denver and want to be in the very heart of downtown or LoDo, where there aren’t any single family homes

If you’re looking at three bedroom condos for sale in Denver and comparing them to each other, you can use some or all of the following criteria:
•what are the pet restrictions and policies, and where will you walk your dog and/or have your dog do its business
•what are the monthly HOA fees (HOA fees can really add up for larger condos, and they’re not tax deductible)
•what are the amenities available in the building or complex and in the unit
•how private is the condo unit (this is largely impacted by the position of windows, the shared walls with other units, and the soundproofing and overall quality of construction)
•what are the potential resale possibilities (3 bedroom units are at the high end of the price scale, and this can significantly narrow the potential pool of buyers)
•would a two bedroom condo suffice (particularly if there’s a guest suite in the building where you’re looking to buy your condo)
•is public transportation within easy walking distance (bus stops, 16th Street Mall shuttle, light rail stations or stops)

If you would like to look for a smaller condo unit, you may consider two bedroom condos for sale in Denver.