2 Bedroom Condos For Sale In Denver, Colorado

Want to buy a 2-bedroom condo in Denver? Call (303) 222-0027 or e-mail info@downtowndenver.condos, and we’ll run a free report of condos for sale in your price range, in the neighborhood of your choice.

With rare exception, every condo building and complex in Denver has two bedroom condos, as this is the most popular condo size in the metro area. Two bedroom condos in Denver usually range in size from 700 square feet (in the older condo buildings) to 2,000 square feet or more.

The price ranges vary greatly, from affordable two bedroom condos starting at $150,000, to luxury two bedroom condos that can set you back a $1 million or even more, with most 2 bedrooms on the market being offered for sale at $300,000-$500,000.

A two bedroom condo in Denver might be the right fit for you if:
•you’re a first-time homebuyer
•you need an affordable alternative to a single family home
•you live alone or with a partner or spouse, but would like an extra room for a home office or guest bedroom
•you’d like to buy a condo as an investment and rent it out
•you’d like to have a second home that’s maintenance-free and close to all of downtown Denver’s great attractions
•you’d like to downsize from a larger home or condo in the Denver metro area

If you are looking at two bedroom condos for sale in Denver and comparing them to each other, you can use some or all of the following criteria:
•what are the pet restrictions and policies (are cats and/or dogs allowed in the condo building, and what are the rules)
•how much are the monthly HOA fees (since your 2 bedroom unit will be bigger than the 1 bedroom units in the building, and HOA fees are typically assessed by square footage, you might be paying a hefty fee for amenities you might only use sparingly)
•what’s your monthly mortgage payment (will the payment on the two bedroom condo you’re looking to purchase be the same as, less, or more than your current monthly rent – and don’t forget to make adjustments for the tax write-off you’ll get from the interest and property taxes on your mortgage payment)
•how many parking spaces are included with the condo unit, are there guest parking spaces, and/or will on-street parking for yourself or guests be easy to find
•is public transportation conveniently located (bus routes, light rail stations, 16th Street Mall stops, and B-Cycle racks)
•how soundproof is the condo (between rooms in the unit, between floors, and with adjoining condos)

If you’re interested in looking for a smaller condo unit, consider studio condos for sale in Denver or one bedroom condos for sale in Denver. Or, if you’re interested in a larger condo unit, consider these three bedroom condos for sale in Denver.